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  • Training on participatory approach for NGOs
    Training on participatory approach for NGOs

    We are looking for civil society organizations from Luhansk, Donetsk, Sumy, Poltava, and Kharkiv oblasts that are developing democracy in their communities.We invite you to join the training and take advantage of the opportunity to receive financial support for your project.Please follow the link below to register.

  • Ukrainian bureaucracy
    Ukrainian bureaucracy

    Despite the war, the modern Ukrainian bureaucracy continues to demonstrate vivid examples of stunning contradictions in its activities! Officials force citizens to take actions that they themselves later reject! The Lubny City Council website has a public information request form: https://lubnyrada.gov.ua/…/oformlennia-informatsiinoho… The form states that the request is addressed to the mayor of Lubny, Oleksandr Hrytsaienko. However, when submitting this request (using the form posted on the website), the dear Mr. Mayor provides the following response: “although the mayor is part of the local government system, he is not a local government body… and therefore does not possess public information and… cannot be its manager… we refuse to satisfy your request.” Why, then, does he force citizens to address him with these requests?!!! This is not the only case of internal contradictions in the activities of Ukrainian bureaucrats in the field of providing access to public information. But today it is certainly the most interesting example of the thinking of overly creative officials that we know. Such interesting examples can be found during the monitoring of the project “Promoting Participatory Governance in Eastern Ukraine”, which is being implemented with the financial support of NED.  

  • Training “Modern technologies of public administration”
    Training “Modern technologies of public administration”

    What: training “Modern technologies of public administration”Where: м. KharkivWhen: August 15-17, 2023Organizer: NGO “Kharkiv Station”For whom: for civil society activists from Kharkiv, Poltava, Luhansk, Donetsk and Sumy oblastsThe training participants will get acquainted with modern tools that have been implemented (or should be implemented) in local governments of Ukraine: participatory democracy technologies, administrative services, access to public information, and e-government technologies.Participation in the training will be useful for civil society organizations that are concerned with the implementation of modern public administration standards in government and/or plan to exercise public control over the activities of government in the course of post-war reconstruction.Subsequently, the participants of the training will have the opportunity to take part in a micro-grant competition to be held in October 2023.Local civil society activists from the regions of Eastern Ukraine are invited to participate in the training: Donetsk, Luhansk, Poltava, Sumy, and Kharkiv oblasts (including those who have evacuated their communities).Registration for the training is available at https://forms.gle/uGrpjomFCZuSnsMr6.Selected participants will be provided with accommodation and meals, and travel expenses will be reimbursed for participants from other cities.Applications for participation must be submitted by filling out the Google form by August 7, 2023.

  • Stretchers for evacuation
    Stretchers for evacuation

    We can’t show you their faces, but you can just believe how important it is for the units to have enough stretchers.

  • Toys for recovery
    Toys for recovery

    We are sincerely grateful to Ukrainian girl Kira, who lives in Boston, for a huge number of toys for children in Kharkiv region.

  • Збори членів ГО ВІ “Станція Харків”
    Збори членів ГО ВІ “Станція Харків”

    Правління ГО ВІ “Станція Харків” на засіданні 29.03.2023 ухвалило Скликати Загальні збори 12.04.2023 о 18:00 (з можливістю участі в форматі відеоконференції для членів ГО, яких не буде в Харкові в цей день).

  • Participation in the action
    Participation in the action

    A regular meeting of the #ParticipationInAction educational cluster was held (as a repeat meeting for those participants who could not take part in the previous one due to poor traffic)

  • We thank Ukrainians in Boston
    We thank Ukrainians in Boston

    Wonderful people from all over the world are sending us aid for the victims and for our defenders.So, yes, the Russians who are shouting that they are now at war with the whole world are right somewhere)) The whole civilized and progressive world supports Ukraine because we are standing for the truth. We are fighting for the right to freedom and life in our country.Thank you, Kira Ivanina from Boston, for your help and indifference!And yes, together we are strong!

  • Hackathon

    Recently, a hackathon for civic activists was held in Lviv. In addition to identifying the winners and teams that will receive additional resources from experts, mentors and the jury, the event also provided knowledge on civic participation tools that can help implement changes in their communities.

  • Participation in Ukraine
    Participation in Ukraine

    Today it is very important not to lose the democratic component in our communities.

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