Since 2014 the volunteer initiative “Station Kharkiv” provides assistance to people in difficult life situations as well as instigates positive changes in the community.

More than 130,000 citizens received assistance
Author of the Photo: Kira Dzhafarova

Author of the Photo: Kira Dzhafarova

What we are doing and who is eligible to receive the support.

“Station Kharkiv” is one of the biggest Ukrainian humanitarian volunteer initiatives which has been working since 2014.

For 8 years “Station Kharkiv” has been merging and coordinating the efforts of numerous volunteer organizations as well as individual volunteers who help forced migrants from Donbass and Crimea, regions occupied by russia. The needed assistance is also provided to the families of fallen Ukrainian soldiers and Kharkiv citizens in difficult life situations.

We help with humanitarian aid as well as provide consultations on residence and work permit, perform vocational guidance, professional retraining, informational support, medical and social assistance, etc.

напрямки діяльності Станція Харків
напрямки діяльності Станція Харків

Since February 24, 2022, with a full russian invasion of our country and constant shelling of the territory of Ukraine including Kharkiv, we have provided support to those citizens who don’t have the possibility to provide themselves with basic supplies. While some can’t reach shops or pharmacies physically, others are in need of financial support. We purchase food, medical and hygiene supplies on our own as well as receive humanitarian aid from our allies and partner foundations. With a risk for their lives, our volunteers deliver the needed provision to the most dangerous parts of Kharkiv.

As of April 2022, we have more than 10 thousand requests for help. Our weekly expenses for food are $6,000.

Our mission and principles

The mission of “Station Kharkiv”

  • is to unite society in order to help citizens of the Kharkiv region in difficult life situations.
  • the organization’s work is based on the principles of independence, accountability, transparency, professionalism, and effectiveness.

The main principle of “Station Kharkiv”

  • is “A giver is equal to a taker.” This means that all of the participants of the process are equal. Volunteers and members of the organization provide help because they can and want to do that. The beneficiaries receive help because they need it. Tomorrow this situation might change and those who used to be in the role of “takers” will become volunteers or donors and will help others in need if they have intentions and resources.

5 objectives of volunteers’ endeavor:

  • work with families who found themselves in difficult life situations, boost of their confidence;
  • fundraising and individual humanitarian aid to those citizens who lost all sources of income;
  • public service and volunteer incentives encouragement;
  • development of participatory democracy as well as monitoring and realization of political reforms;
  • carrying out non-formal educational programs and responding effectively to current challenges.

The volunteer initiative has two corporate entities: Charity Organization “Charity Foundation “Station Kharkiv” as well as Public Organization “Volunteer Initiative “Station Kharkiv”