новини волонтерської організації Станція Харків


  • Results of the first training
    Results of the first training

    Three days flew by in a flash!

  • Training for NGO representatives
    Training for NGO representatives

    A three-day training for public activists “TOOLS FOR INVOLVING THE PUBLIC IN ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION-MAKING IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT BODIES OF UKRAINE” started today.Yes, we held it not in Kharkiv, as planned, but in Ivano-Frankivsk, but we can already say with confidence that the event is interesting and useful. It’s nice to see how a discussion, exchange of experiences and cases starts on each topic. All participants are sincerely interested in the topic of participatory democracy, because they understand that productive cooperation between the community and the authorities is very important at the moment.

  • Monitoring results
    Monitoring results

         Winston Churchill is credited with various versions of the phrase that the main values ​​for which the enemy is being fought are not at the front. That is, all heroic actions in war have the ultimate goal of protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, preserving or improving welfare in the country. And that is why internal transformations in the country are no less important than victory in the war. They are the main meaning and the main goal of all exploits at the front.

  • Station participation
    Station participation

    The full-scale invasion of Orkish hordes into Ukraine on February 24, 2022 forced the local self-government bodies of Ukraine to work in a special mode. Local councils (although not everywhere) became a kind of “mouthpiece” of the military command of Ukraine – they conveyed important information to the population. And in many communities, local self-government officials organized evacuations, received forced migrants, received or sent humanitarian aid, etc.

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