досягнення волонтерської організації Станція Харків

Kharkiv Station

One of the largest humanitarian volunteer initiatives in Ukraine, which since 2014 has been providing assistance to people in need who are in Kharkiv and the region.

More achievements together

  • 130 000+People

    received a variety of assistance

  • 17Grant projects

    successfully conducted, some of wich are long-term

  • 1600000uah

    involved as support from partner funds

  • 1855705,80euros

    received as assistance from individuals from around the world

Types of assistance

The main financial source of the organization is donations received from the citizens of Ukraine, representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora communities abroad as well as foreign citizens.

  • Primary consultations
  • Vocational training for adolescents
  • Informational support
  • Educational programs for adults
  • Social adaptation
  • Humanitarian aid
directions of activity Kharkiv station


Kharkiv Station cooperates with a number of international humanitarian organizations and businesses that provide humanitarian aid and institutional support in terms of neutrality, independence, transparency and equal partnership.

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We thank Ukrainians in Boston
We thank Ukrainians in Boston

Wonderful people from all over the world are sending us aid for the victims and for our defenders.So, yes, the Russians who are shouting that they are now at war with the whole world are right somewhere)) The whole civilized and progressive world supports Ukraine because we are standing for the truth. We are fighting for the right to freedom and life in our country.Thank you, Kira Ivanina from Boston, for your help and indifference!And yes, together we are strong!