Assistance to defenders from the Buchatka Diocese

The support of defenders of Ukraine accelerates our victory over Russia. After all, nothing motivates as much as the feeling of a strong rear that never gets tired of helping.
Every week for more than six months, a bus of the Kharkiv Station has been going to the Kharkiv region with products that are collected and handed over to the front lines by representatives of the Buchatka Diocese of the UGCC in the Ternopil Region. Half a year of tireless work for Ukraine.
Thanks to the efforts of these incredible people, more than 55 tons of food rations and various goodies were given to the military.

We are sincerely grateful to the representatives of the diocese and Bishop Dmytro for their tireless work to ensure decent food for our military. And may God give health to those hands that made dumplings and other semi-finished products for the front even in the heat of the day, so that even in the trenches our kitties would have a homely taste.
Ukraine is invincible, because it is strong and united as never before! We always remember thanks to whom we see the sky every morning and have the opportunity to live!