Support for people in the de-occupied territories and new categories of aid in Kharkiv

Attention! Since October 1st, volunteers of  “Station Kharkiv” have been focusing on supporting residents of the de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv region, as well as changing the ranking of vulnerable people who seek help in the city of Kharkiv.

We believe in our defenders and in the fact that all Ukrainian territories captured by the neighboring enemy will be deoccupied very soon!

However, the horrific reality of various territories occupied by russian soldiers shows that they destroy everything on their way. Therefore, the territories liberated by the Ukrainian military are simply hollow. There is no gas, water, or electricity in the villages. Most of the buildings have been destroyed.

People who survived this months-long hell are physically and mentally exhausted. Our volunteers have already started going to remote settlements to provide accessible humanitarian aid. Later on, we will publish an up-to-date list of urgent items that we aim to provide for the victims.

At the same time, we will continue to support people in Kharkiv.

 Who we consider unprotected categories as of October 1, 2022:

– a mother or father with two or more children aged 0 to 18;

– a mother or father with one child aged 0 to 18, living without the help of one of the parents;

– people with limited mobility or seriously ill (also injured as a result of hostilities) with one guardian;

– single people 80+ years old;

– evacuated people from the de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv region (up to 2 months ago).

?? We are grateful to everyone for the donations! and any other support. Slava Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!