Report for 07/04/2022-07/08/2022

Product sets:

1617 food sets were issued.


Adults – 1518 people

Children 3-18 years old – 102 people

Children 0-2 years old – 15 people


16 small (3 person) boxes were issued

140 large (4+ persons) boxes were issued

Other products:

Also other products (hygiene, separate items of products that cannot form a product set) for 1200 people.

Other activities:

A total of 34 loading/unloadings were carried out in the warehouse during the reporting period.

07/05 and 08/2022 – purchases of the Kharkiv Station, financed by Nova Ukraine, arrived.

07/08/2022 – a logistics operation for the delivery of food from the World Central Kitchen warehouse to patients of 18 multidisciplinary hospitals was agreed and carried out.


784 drugs were issued according to address applications.

45 applications were processed and issued

Received drugs – 52 pcs.

New post:

– 07/06/2022, Kateryna B, Mala Vyska, Liky

We sincerely thank our donors, benefactors and partners for their help:

– Save the Children UK

– Nova Ukraine

– Rapid Relief Team AU

– Red Cross of Ukraine

– World Central Kitchen